Check ups

Our dentists recommend regular check ups for all our patients. At this appointment we will record the overall health of your mouth and teeth and diagnose any problems you may have.

It is a thorough examination starting with a soft tissue check of your lips, cheeks and tongue, screening for oral cancer and other abnormalities. Next we will check the health of your gums and jawbone, as they are the foundation for your teeth. Last but not least, we will be examining each tooth individually for cavities and other problems.

Generally we allow one full hour for new patient exams, both to give you ample time to discuss all your options with your new dentist, but also to allow us to get to know you as you!


In most cases a clinical exam by itself is not sufficient to completely diagnose all problems. X-rays play a key role in diagnosing what is really going on inside your mouth and below your teeth and gums. In addition to revealing any problems that are not visible to the naked eye during the clinical exam, these initial x-rays will also provide us with a benchmark to compare against during your future visits.