Gum care


Regular cleaning at the dentist not only gives aesthetically pleasing results, but is also a very effective form of preventative dentistry. As part of a 6 to 12 monthly dental examination, cleaning (scale and polish) can help prevent the weakening of the tooth structure and gum disease.

Every day plaque forms on our teeth. It is made up of bacteria that, if ignored, can corrode the tooth's surface, cause cavities and bad breath. Once the plaque hardens it forms calculus, a hard mineral deposit that is very difficult to remove. If the calculus forms around gum lines it can cause gingivitis or even periodontal gum disease. By having a regular scale and polish the calculus is vibrated off, and the tooth surface is left smooth and clean, boosting your confidence and giving you another reason to smile. Gum care is an extremely important part of your over all dental hygiene and looking after your gums now will help in the long run.