Preventive dentistry


Tooth surfaces with deep fissures or grooves are particularly susceptible to decay. They leave a small gap that food and bacteria can easily be caught in, and since the groove can be so tiny that even a single bristle on your toothbrush won't fit in, they can be incredibly difficult to clean.

By applying a plastic coating into the fissures on back teeth, we can keep the area clean and prevent cavities and the need for fillings. The process is easy and completely pain-free. First the tooth is then painted on and set with a special light. Once set, the sealant is hard and ready for you to start eating normally. Fissure sealants are an excellent form of preventive dentistry. To find out if you could benefit, talk to our dentist today.


Preventative dentistry can be as simple as a regular scale and polish to ensure your teeth are cared for correctly. Periodic cleaning at the dentist can help prevent gum disease and tooth structure weakening, as well as remove built up plaque. The bacteria in plaque can corrode the surface of teeth, causing cavities and bad breath. If ignored, plaque can form a hard mineral deposit called calculus, which is difficult to remove and can cause gingivitis, and in some cases, periodontal gum disease.

A scale and polish uses vibration to remove the calculus, leaving a smooth and clear tooth surface. This simple, painless procedure will leave you with a smile you will be proud to show off.


Bruxism is the grinding and clenching of teeth, which can cause attrition to tooth enamel.

In addition, it can cause headaches, jaw aches, tooth sensitivity, as well as alter the appearance of your teeth and smile.

Treatment of nocturnal bruxism, or teeth grinding while asleep, is usually a custom built mouth guard, known as a night guard or occlusal splint. This is worn during sleep to shield teeth form the impact of grinding and clenching throughout the night.

Talk to the team at Mt Albert Dental Centre and find out if an occlusal splint is right for you.