Tooth wear


Grinding and clenching of teeth causes damage to the hardest substance in the human body; tooth enamel. As well as damaging the protective layer on teeth it can also cause headaches, achy jaws, and tooth sensitivity, as well as alter the appearance of your smile. The term used to describe this is known as bruxism.

Worn, cracked and flattened teeth along with a sore or tense jaw are some of the signs that you could be grinding in your sleep. To prevent the progression of effects caused by night time teeth grinding, (also known as nocturnal bruxism) your dentist may recommend an Occlusal splint or night guard. This is a specially designed mouth guard custom built to fit your teeth perfectly. The guard is worn while you sleep and shields your teeth from the impact that grinding causes.

To find out if a night guard is suitable for you talk to your dentist.